Phase 4: Palghar woman's name duplicated 68 times in the voter list

As the Phase 4 of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 begins across the country, Shiv Sena and BVA have alleged that names of many voters from Palghar have been duplicated in the list.


Phase 4 of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has begun today and many Mumbaikars started the day early to cast their votes. Polling in Palghar began on a high note, where two parties - BVA and Shiv Sena - are said to have strong competition. Both the parties have also alleged that thousands of fake names are included in the voter's list. 

Officials from BVA have mentioned that the names of around 60,000 voters have been duplicated in the voter list, where Shiv Sena has claimed that names of 56,000 voters have been duplicated. Further, in a rather astonishing case, the name of one woman voter has been mentioned 68 times in the list. Questions are being raised regarding the same, where it has been noted that some names have been registered more than three times.

The fourth phase of LS Polls is being held today for 71 seats across 9 states, out of which 17 seats are from Maharashtra. Many Bollywood stars and eminent personalities cast to vote. Over the last few days, parties and candidates have given their best in the campaigns and reached out to people in their respective constituencies. 

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