Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ajit Pawar, met with transgender activists over concerns regarding their status if the NRC (National Register of Citizens) is established in the state. However, Pawar is said to have reassured them saying that there will be a “separate window” for transgenders if NRC is implemented in the region.

While the establishment of a Transgender Welfare Committee was also requested, the Deputy CM has mentioned that this welfare committee will be setup within 20 days.

Although the Maharashtra voters registration list mentions a total of 2,634 transgenders in the state, the actual number is said to be much higher. This is also why activists have asked for a transgender census in the state. 

In September 2014, the Maharashtra Governement decided to move transgender policies and schemes from the Women and Child Development Department to the Social Justice Department. While the agency has put a welfare board in place over a year ago, no members have been appointed as of yet.

Salma Khan, the first trans-woman in the Mumbai District Suburban Legal Services Authority, took part in the discussions with the Deputy Chief Minister. She said “Most of us have run away from our homes and have no documents to prove our nationality. It is a big concern for us,” raising concerns about the prospects of NRC implementation in the state.

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