BJP targets Shiv Sena over potholes in Mumbai

    BJP targets Shiv Sena over potholes in Mumbai
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    Two political parties getting caught in a verbal spat and always looking for chance to accuse each other is something that is now becoming a routine just as the case of potholes on the roads of Mumbai. And this time, BJP has come up with the most plausible reason to poke a finger at the Shiv Sena. BJP Senior Corporator Prabhakar Shinde simply targeted Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis saying that even after having procured all the necessary requisites, if CM Devendra Fadnavis is unable to get the roads repaired in the city, certainly no one else other than Shiv Sena is responsible for this.

    As it is a lot of road development projects are simply on hold because of the inadequacy of the required material to complete them. Considering which, CM Devendra Fadnavis has made sincere efforts so as to help in the best possible manner. Despite this, the condition of the roads in the city has not changed. And if the condition before the monsoon showers remains the same, much are the chances that the BJP may protest. Prabhakar Shinde further added, the BJP corporators make the best of their efforts to ensure that the Mumbaikars avail all the facilities, yet if the people face problems in spite of that, the BJP will not shy away from going on protests.

    In case if a redevelopment project has to be worked upon, it is the job of the party in force that has to accept the proposal and get the project completed. In fact, the potholes are fixed and are not there on the roads, this as well is the responsibility of the party in force.

    Mayor in consensus with BJP’s allegations:

    Some time earlier, Ashish Shelllar had made criticized the Shiv Sena when the work of cleaning the nullahs proved to be dissatisfactory. As a matter of fact, the Shiv Sena Chief Udhav Thackeray that it has never been the case that the work of nullahs has been done completely. At the same time, the Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar had expressed his disappointment on the incomplete cleaning of the nullahs. Prabhakar Shinde stated that the Mayor himself seconds the arguments presented by the BJP.

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