Wait, office opening event in progress!

Wait, office opening event in progress!
Wait, office opening event in progress!
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Kandivali - Shiv Sena leader Vijaya Vishnu Sawant inaugurated the public relation office in ward number - 39 in Kranti Nagar, Kandivali. Present in the function were MP Gajanan Kirtikar, MLA Sunil Prabhu and Congress turncoat Bhom Singh Rathod. Bhom Singh Rathod stated we are confident of winning from here as we have the support of electoral.

Meanwhile, huge attendance of party workers outside the office created the problem for the commuters. They were trapped for two hours cause' of the ceremony. On one hand, they are troubling electoral and in return, they claim to have the support of them, this all depends on the result whether they will have the public's favour or not?

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