Who bagged Sharad Pawar's vote?

    Who bagged Sharad Pawar's vote?
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    Mumbai – NCP chief Sharad Pawar voted in the BMC election on Tuesday. But the political circle here is abuzz with a sole question, which candidate got Pawar's precious vote?

    On 21 February, NCP president Sharad Pawar cast his vote at Mahalaxmi’s Marathi school which falls in ward no. 214. This ward has no NCP candidate. So, Pawar has kept everyone guessing on his choice; if he gave his precious vote to Shiv Sena or Congress candidate or chose to opt for NOTA.

    Ward no. 214 had Shiv Sena’s candidate Arvind Bane, BJP’s candidate Ajay Patil, and Congress candidate Kaushik Shah but there was no one from the NCP. Pawar had come with his granddaughter who was a first-time voter. As Pawar is believed to have good relations with the Shiv Sena (because of late Bal Thackeray) and prime minister Narendra Modi, everyone’s busy taking a wild guess.

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