MHADA Warns People to Stay Away From Scams Promising Cheap Housing

MHADA Warns People to Stay Away From Scams Promising Cheap Housing

Homebuyers have been cautioned by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) to not be duped by false advertisements that claim MHADA is providing low-cost homes in Dadar. The scam only surfaced when some prospective homeowners approached MHADA asking about these low-cost homes in the area. The authorities have mentioned that they have started an investigation on the matter.

The scammers were said to be advertising cheap flats comprising of 1 room kitchen (RK), 1 bedroom hall kitchen (BHK), and 2 BHK flats. Additionally, an account named “Corporate Central Collective Hub, MHADA’ was created so as to trick potential homeowners into believing this is the real deal.  

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There was a lottery aspect to this as well, as one potential homeowner found. He was asked to deposit Rs 3,500 as an initial payment to register his name in the lottery. However, when the home buyer asked about the eligibility criteria, he was informed that the details will be shared after the money had been deposited.

Chief Public Relations Officer of MHADA, Vaishali Gadpale urged citizens to be aware and ensure that they don’t become victims of such scams. “We don’t have any project in Dadar. In addition, our officials do not call people to take part in the lottery. We don’t want people to lose their hard-earned money to these cheaters.” 

Given that the real estate market is currently at a downward trend owing to the stalled projects as well as people’s inability to buy new homes, it’s clear that scammers are trying to exploit the vulnerable among the population who are looking for affordable housing. We hope such scams come to light quickly so that fewer people have the misfortune of being duped. 

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