MahaRERA simplifies the complaint lodging procedure

Moreover, there will be no need to submit paper copies of the documents since they can be submitted online. Before people were hesitant to file complaints due to the complicated process but since the regulatory body has eased the regulations, people can simply voice their complaints online.

MahaRERA simplifies the complaint lodging procedure

Last year, Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) introduced MahaRERA Act due to which thousands of people were able to file complaints regarding real estate and unregistered projects. However, in order to file the complaints, the people had to face a lot of problems as it involved a lot of paperwork. Bearing the tedious procedure in mind, MahaRERA has removed all the paperwork from the complaint-lodging procedure to the investigation phase. 

MahaRERA Secretary, Vasant Prabhu told Mumbai Live about making the process digital to cancel out paperwork and the office visit. The new procedure will definitely ease the procedure of complaint filing for the consumers as well as people. 

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If a customer wants to file a complaint against a registered builder under the MahaRERA Act, the customer-complainant has to file a complaint on the website at After submitting this complaint, all the documents have to be submitted to the MahaRERA office. Earlier, the regulatory body did not file a complaint until the complainant submits a copy of all the documents. Due to which, the complainants had to run to MahaRERA and after that, they had to constantly follow-up the complaint. Considering this, the complaining process has been made digital.

More importantly, MahaRERA has developed its own application which will allow the users to file a complaint online as well as keep a track on it. The decision by the body has been warmly received by consumers across Mumbai. 

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