20 trekkers rescued from Harishchandra fort

Trekkers were stuck at Harishchandra fort on Saturday night when they were not able to find a way to the base camp

20 trekkers rescued from Harishchandra fort

Harishchandra fort is considered as one of the challenging treks in Maharashtra. During winter, many trekking enthusiasts ascend this mountain to catch a glimpse of breathtaking Kokankada pinnacle. However, while doing so, many groups lose their way. One such group of 20 trekkers lost their way while descending the mountain. 

20 trekkers were stuck at Harishchandra fort, a hill fort in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra on Sunday night as they were unable to find a way to the base camp. However, with the help of a rescue team, trekkers were rescued, who started descending the mountain on Monday morning. 
Trekkers started descending Kokankada pinnacle of Harishchandra fort which is of 500 metres. After completing this, they descended another pinnacle which is of 300 metres. It is estimated that the trekkers in total will take 7-8 hours to descend and reach the base camp.

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Kalyan resident Dr Hitesh Advani had gone to Harishchandra fort along with 20 trekkers, which included five women and 17 men. When they were not able to find their way, district collector asked police and tahsildar to rescue the trekkers.

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