Mumbai Live Special: The Blessed and The Best


Every child is special but unfortunately, some are not as blessed as the others. Mentally or physically challenged people don't have it easy and especially when it comes to getting a job, they have a mountain to climb. One man read the difficulty and made their life worth and easy.

Subhash Chuttar, a Pune resident is like a messiah for people who are physically/mentally challenged. Chuttar and his partner Jain started a company named ‘Associated Manufacturing LLP’ which is spread over 30,000 sq feet, Pune. Here, automobile pressed components are made by 35 to 38 people who are mentally challenged. Despite their shortcomings, their work is impeccable.

Chuttar got this idea because of his son Ajay, who is mentally challenged. When he and his wife found out about their son, they decided to explore the talent in him. He learned from his son that mentally challenged people can work as efficiently as anybody else.

On any given day, Ajay will not be able to answer simple equation with ease but he is smart enough to tell you everything about the folders and database at the factory unit. He can recall telephone numbers, dates and much more information, and keeps everything at his finger tips. This is a sheer skill that today he is the quality manager of Associated Manufacturing LLP. Chuttar thought that if Ajay could work, why not others? He had then met Suryakant, a mentally challenged boy, at a barber's shop. Suryakant has now been working for the last 25 years and takes care of his parents as well.

German automobile firm Volkswagen noted the efforts of these people and now they have decided to absorb in their company. Talks are going on. 

Subhash Chuttar expressed that every company should hire one mentally challenged person so that they have an opportunity to establish themselves in life.

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