.....And the backlash continues

.....And the backlash continues
Mumbai  -  

Mumbai- We just celebrated women's day on 8th march. But it seems getting dignified treatment at work seems still an illusion for urban women. Latest to add to the list of offenders is Arunabh Kumar, CEO of the digital entertainment startup ‘The Viral Fever’ (TVF), who is accused of indecent comments and harassment towards a female employee. 

Though Arunabh proclaims he is been declared offender by social media and not by the law, several other women have come forward to support the allegations against him on the social media, most of them calling for the boycott of TVF.

On the other hand, Arunabh's colleagues cum friends from TVF who have had a long association with him have shown their support on social media platform. They seem to deny the accusation proving that Arunabh is innocent. 

While Arunabh has both the support from the loved ones and the backlash from the rest, only time will tell if the accusations are true to be believed or not. Stay tuned to Mumbai Live for more updates. 

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