Transgender making a positive contribution to society

Transgender making a positive contribution to society

When we think about ‘transgenders’, we have a stereotypical reaction. We have preconceived notions about the community. Moving away from those notions, let’s talk about transgender ‘Gauri Sawant’.

She is raising funds to build a home for sex workers’ kids. Yes, she is doing that. She realised that sex workers’ children don’t have a stable place to live, no school to study at and are not being taken care of, that’s when she decided to make a positive change for them.

Gauri Sawant featured in a ‘Vicks’ advertisement which gained a lot of traction. Adored by all her friends, Gauri is someone they can count on.

Sawant has collected 50 percent of the capital required for the foster home and is working her way for the other half along with ‘Milap’ foundation.

There are people from the LGBT community who are making a positive contribution to the society. It will take time for the society to overcome all the preconceived notions about them but hopefully, some day it will happen. We really appreciate Gauri Sawant’s initiative to help children in dire need of support.