Meet Sita, Girgaon's female cobbler


40-year-old Sita Vetal, who has been stitching up torn shoes, bags and other leather goods for the past 15 years on the footpaths of Girgaon. Sita is proud of her craft and is always ready to serve her clients with a smile and her efficient fingers.

Sita took charge of the cobbler stall operated by her father after his death. Her brother is mentally challenged, leaving her to shoulder the family's burden and carry the profession forward. Her gender notwithstanding, Sita's perfection in her craft impresses all her clients, many of whom have been regulars for years.

Sita's husband supports her unusual vocation. Although Sita's daughter is not inspired enough to take up cobbling as a profession after her, her son, she says, does give her a helping hand often.