Lockdown Impact: Virtual wedding for a Mumbai Man

Lockdown Impact: Virtual wedding for a Mumbai Man

As an aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, a nationwide 21-day lockdown has been imposed. Many plans and events that people had scheduled for this time duration are being postponed or cancelled. Examinations, admissions to new classes, travel plans, and the weddings, were shelved due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

There are many who are happy to put things on hold and then there are others, that want to get on and get going by making the best use of technology. One such incident has come to light where a couple decided to go ahead with their marriage over a video call. 29-year-old Mumbai-based merchant navy officer, Preet Singh, and Delhi girl, Neet Kaur, were scheduled to get married on April 4. They decided to not get impacted by the pandemic or the lockdown and had a unique ceremony over a video call. 

Friends and family, from Dubai, Canada and Australia, attended the unique ceremony too through the video call. The virtual ceremony witnessed all the guests dressed for the occasion and ended with a dance towards the end.

The family told TOI that they would visit the gurudwara at the earliest opportunity as the ritual would be incomplete without the blessings of Waheguru Ji, as per Sikh tradition.

TOI further reported that the couple had been dating for a year now after they had met online. Prior to the lockdown, the bride's family were supposed to arrive in Mumbai on April 1. Meanwhile, it was the groom's idea that the wedding could be conducted on video call too and the families agreed to it readily.

All the guests helped themselves to chocolates after the wedding and danced at the end. The bride had the date of the wedding, 4.4.2020, etched on her hand with the mehndi.

“The hardest part is not seeing each other after the ceremony, but the fact that we are married is good enough for me,” Preet was quoted as saying by the TOI.

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