Transgender by choice…

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    Malad- American poet E E Cunnings rightly said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”. Two transgenders from suburban Mumbai have showed that courage and taken their own path despite snubs from society.

    Ajay and Navnath were living a normal life when they realised that they belong to the transgender community. They conveyed their feelings to their parents but did not receive any support. The families were reluctant to accept them with their new identities. Weighing their options, the duo decided to leave their families and live with the hijra community.

    It was a tough decision when they moved to Roshni, their transgender guru. “These boys came to me on their own will. However, their parents went to the police and created a ruckus. Police then intervened and solved the matter and now Ajay and Navnath's parents have handed the boys to us,” said Roshni.

    Ajay and Navnath have a new identity and have new names too. Ajay addresses himself as Angel and Navnath calls himself Navya. “My mom is ready to support me but I know society will not accept me. So I decided to join the hijra community and I am very happy now,” said Navya (Navnath). Angel (Ajay) seconds Navya as the two break into songs with their guru.

    It was a long struggle, but Angel and Navya have been successful in their fight. All’s well that ends well.

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