Malnutrition: World Food Day's grim reality

Malnutrition: World Food Day's grim reality

'World Food Day' is celebrated across the globe to make people aware of the quality and importance of food intake, however, there is a dark side to it which isn't really spoken about. 

In our very own city (which is a financial capital), there lives a section which does not have access to food, leading to malnourishment. 

Praja Foundation- a non-partisan organisation- came across an RTI which claims that almost 20 per cent children are malnourished in the financial capital. 


One in three students are  malnourished

According to the BMC, on annual basis, they spend crores on civic schools, yet there are many children who suffer from malnourishment. A mid-may scheme organised by the BMC isn't really helping either. 

Govandi, Khar and Kurla has more malnourished children

According to the Human Development Index, Govandi has the most number of malnourished children followed by Khar and Kurla.

Two out of four are malnourished in Govandi

According to Apnalay Organisation's survey, 35 per cent children are underweight while 35 per cent families earn INR 4,000 to INR 6,000 on a monthly basis which proves to be insufficient. They found these statistics after conducting a survey with 3,000 children who reside near Govandi’s dumping ground.

A survey was conducted in Govandi’s Rafi Nagar, Saini Nagar, Nirankari Nagar, Budnagar, Shanti Nagar, Indira Nagar and Adarsh Nagar. According to Aapnalaya report, 50 per cent children studying in a BMC school are malnourished. 

According to Praja Foundation’s RTI report, these are the details of malnourished children

        Malnourished Children


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