Following JioMeet, Airtel to Step Into the Crowded Video Conferencing Space

Following JioMeet, Airtel to Step Into the Crowded Video Conferencing Space

Recently, Reliance Jio brought its own video conferencing app to the market known as JioMeet. Hours after its release, social media was flooded with screenshots showing JioMeet’s resemblance with Zoom, an app that it plans to overtake in India. However, government agencies appear to be in favour of JioMeet and are even said to be recommending it over Zoom. 

With this in mind, Bharti Airtel, one of Jio’s biggest competitors in the telecom industry, has announced that it will launch a Zoom-like video conferencing app of its own. However, the telecom giant will reportedly make this service available to companies and enterprise users in the first wave. Commercial availability of this app will depend on the response it receives from the initial batch of users.

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Understandably, comparisons with JioMeet are expected to make the rounds soon, though Airtel hasn’t provided any further details on this new application. One has to wonder if there are simply too many video conferencing applications available in the market. While Jio appears to have leveraged the demand at the right time, it seems like Airtel is simply trying to catch up.

It is also worth considering that JioMeet is completely free to use and comes with password protection and encryption for privacy. So how exactly will the Airtel offering compete with the Jio app? It’s too soon to tell, though it will certainly be an interesting face-off. 

Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission, N K Singh has recently said that the Commission is looking to switch over from Zoom to JioMeet. On the other hand, the CEO of NITI Aayog, Amitabh Kant, recently tweeted his support for Jio’s new service, saying that the app had emerged as a disruptor in the Indian market.

In addition to Zoom and JioMeet, users also have options like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Houseparty, and so on.
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