All you want to know about the new threat to systems, the Ransomware Virus

All you want to know about the new threat to systems, the Ransomware Virus

The virus of Ransomware has already sent waves of terror in the whole of the tech space. And now the RBI has issued a directive to update the softwares for all the ATMs in the country. But the question is what is Ransomware virus and why is it that the whole world seems to be terrified of it. Let’s know it all from an IT Expert Achyut Godbole:

ML: What is Ransomware virus?

Achyut: The complete name for Ransomware Virus is Wanna Cry Ransomware Virus. This virus is quite at variance with the other ones. When you click on a particular virus it destroys some file. Ransomware virus, on the other hand, does not damage or hack data, but it encrypts it. Encryption of data means you can’t access a certain kind of data until Ransomware virus does not want you to do it. This virus demands money for accessing the data and when you pay that particular amount, the virus gets removed on its own.

ML: What kind of computers are at risk of such kind of virus?

Achyut: The computers that work on the operating system of Windows XP are more at risk of getting infected with this virus. Microsoft claims that the systems that have the latest and updated operating systems won’t be at risk.

ML: To what extent this whole problem will impact the computerized systems of the country?

Achyut: As per the information furnished by RBI, 70 percent of ATMs in India run on the operating system of Windows XP which is why most of the ATMs have been shut down. To avert from this problem, the ATMs will have to upgrade their softwares, which is why the state and the central governments have issued an advisory as well.

ML: Why is the National Security Agency of America is being held responsible for this virus?

Achyut: The National Security Agency of America had used this virus so as to hack data of other countries. Certain people had stolen this virus and now they are misusing it.

ML: What all countries other than America will be impacted by this virus?

Achyut: America has now found a solution for this virus. After conducting an extensive research, they have now devised a solution so as to disable it which is why America is not under this threat as of now. Nevertheless, America has not revealed the solution yet.

ML: What kind of precautions should people take?

Achyut: Make sure you use least possible use of your PCs and don’t open mails from unknown sources. Also, update the anti-virus that you are using and in case you use Windows XP, make sure you update it.

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