Why is Digital Marketing important for Small Businesses

Why is Digital Marketing important for Small Businesses

Digital marketing was initially developed in the 1990s, but in India, it started gaining prominence around 2010.  The arrival of e-commerce websites like Flipkart generated interest in online shopping and advertisement, and soon the industry saw rapid growth. According to a 2017 Forester Research report, India is the fastest-growing online retail market.

But, what is digital marketing? Well, in simple terms, digital marketing refers to the marketing strategies and technologies used to promote and sell various products and services. It is an umbrella term that includes most of the modern marketing strategies such as search engine marketing, display advertising that use of social media or the Internet at large. Bulk SMS and even message-based apps such as WhatsApp can be used effectively to design and deliver a good digital marketing campaign.

Digital marketing V/s Internet marketing

Most people believe that digital marketing and internet marketing to be synonymous with each other. However, this is not the case so. Digital marketing in a larger term that encompasses internet marketing and includes a whole lot of things such as Blogs, Voice Broadcasts, Websites, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Podcasts, Feeds, Video messages, Outdoor Digital Displays, SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing etc.

Why Digital Marketing for businesses?

Any organisation, big or small is investing in digital marketing services. Here are a few reasons why they should take digital marketing seriously.

Reach to massive consumer base: Statistics indicate that as of July 2018, there were 4.1 billion active Internet users around the world.  In addition to this, in 2019, an average Internet user has at least 7 social media accounts. So there is a massive consumer base that digital marketers can tap through various online methods.

Have a level playing field with bigger brands even with limited budgets: While traditional advertising is expensive and not many small businesses can even think of reaching to their relevant target base using these methods. However, with the help of Digital marketing small businesses are not only able to get their message across with smaller advertising budget but they can also compete with even the biggies in the business.

Easy to target potential customers: With the help of digital marketing, it is easier for companies to target potential customers. This was not possible through traditional advertising which is broadcast to a large mass. Digital marketing can be directed to a specific group and one can even make sure that their messages are concentrated to only their target set.

Giving a little personal touch: Businesses can now give a little personal touch to the communication that it sends out. Numerous studies have found that communication that has a personal touch has a greater appeal to potential customers.  

Conversion rate is high: Since the messaging is personal, direct and being delivered to the target set, the conversion rate is high. It also ensures a better return on investment.

Better Customer Experience:  With the help of digital marketing not only the marketers can reach their target group efficiently but even get instant feedback on what they want. If there are any need gaps in the communication of the product, it can be addressed effectively via digital marketing. Digital Marketing also provides an easy and convenient way for consumers to share their complaints and suggestions with the brand.

To have an effective Digital media plan it is no longer necessary for a business to have a website and to then invest in getting it to rank better on Google. They just need to have the right strategy and tools to reach to their target audience.