Arhaan Khan denies being in relationship with Rashami Desai

Viewers missed out of seeing a beautiful relationship Arhaan Khan says talking about his status quo with Rashami


Arhaan Khan who was recently evicted from the ongoing season of Bigg Boss 13 denied being in a relationship with co-contestant Rashami Desai. Arhaan who is known for his portrayal as Rano Ahlawat on Badho Bahu had entered the reality drama as a wild card contestant. 

In an exclusive conversation to Mumbai Live, the actor shared that all the news regarding his alleged relationship with Rashami Desai were not true. He said, "I have not said anything like this. What actually happened was that when I was being evicted out, she said I Love you to me and media has blown that out. [When I was ]Inside the house I had genuinely not heard this. Had I heard, I would have replied to the same."

On being asked what his reply would have been if he had heard the love confession inside the house, Arhaan says, "That I would have replied if I had remained in the house". He then added, "Please pray that I get to hear it again and I get a chance to hear it publicly and reply to it. Prior to going inside the house, I and Rashami were genuinely friends and we used to deny all the news. However, inside the house when I see things change and got to know Rashami even better. This lead to a lot of things changing in our equation and we both felt that it is a little more than friendship and we were just trying to figure it out and even before we could come to a conclusion, this eviction happened".

He further added that people missed out on seeing a beautiful relationship with his eviction. On being asked if he would like to continue things from where they left once Rashami is out from the Bigg Boss 13's house, Arhaan said he would like to play it by the ear and see how things stand at that point in time. 

We even asked Arhaan about how he would describe his short stint at Bigg Boss 13 and why he was evicted so soon. To which he replied, "The journey was really good but a really short one too. The entire country is disappointed regarding my eviction. In just one hour after the news of eviction was out, it was a trending topic on Twitter and the news everywhere was “Why Arhaan Khan?:” Like everyone I am also trying to figure out why I was evicted. In a way, one good thing came out that I got to know the love that audience have for me and how loyal they are for me."

He even went on to add that he performed well in all the tasks that were assigned to him and even thought that it was only because Sana cheated that he did not win the Gillette task. (He lost the task by 0.3 seconds and Sana was the director of that task). He had even got to hear about how he was duped in this case but as he did not want to make an issue out of this so he did not confront Sana on this.

Arhaan also feels that he had managed to change the rules of the game by entering the house. He feels that if he is given a second chance of getting in then he would be able to pull the same thing of yet again and viewers will be able to see more fireworks and a lot of contestants will be forced to change their strategy of playing the game.

While that is something that we are not sure we will get to see or not, but Bigg Boss sure has managed to get some interesting surprises weak after weak and as we inch towards the finishing line, things are started to become a wee bit more captivating. 

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