Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan out of the show, five things you should know

While grapevine has it that Eijaz Khan has left the show to honor his prior work commitments, the promo on air shows that he was asked to leave.

Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan out of the show, five things you should know

The Weekend ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14 this week packed a lot of drama and entertainment. The housemates celebrated Lohri with a lot of gusto and hence there was a lot of dancing and light moments all around. 

There was also Rakhi Sawant's Lavni that became the talk of the town. In addition, there was another big fight from the past week that was discussed in the Weekend ka Vaar episode. This fight centred around Rubina Dilaik, her husband Abhinav Shukla and Eijaz Khan. 

Abhinav Shukla made some serious allegations against Eijaz Khan invading in his wife Rubina's personal space during the argument. However, Eijaz not only denied the allegations but also maintained that he did nothing to disrespectful. He even went on to claim that if anyone apart from the husband-wife duo claim that he has done anything of that nature, he will leave the show at that moment.

Even Salman Khan agreed that there was nothing questionable about his behaviour. The gesture that Rubina makes in every argument "talk to the hand" is rude and Eijaz gave her a hi-fi, smiled and left since he did not want to indulge in that conversation any longer. 

As per the new promo that is on air Eijaz is all set to leave Bigg Boss 14. Here are five things you should know.

No Eviction this week

While there was a lot of entertainment and drama in the weekend's episode but there was no eviction. Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli and Sonali were nominated but no one was evicted. 

Why is Eijaz Khan Out

 As per reports, Eijaz has decided to come out of Bigg Boss 14 to honour some of his prior commitments. However, as per the promo that is shared on social media, Bigg Boss has asked Bigg Boss to come out. At this stage, the exact reason is not clear.

What happens next?

Some reports suggest that Eijaz is out only for the time being and Devoleena will take his place as a proxy while he is out. Earlier reports had mentioned that Devoleena is going in as proxy to Vikas Gupta who was out due to ill health. However, now it seems that in Monday's episode both Devoleena and Vikas have gone in while Eijaz is out.

Will Eijaz go back?

There is no clarity on whether Eijaz will be returning the show but some reports suggest that since Devoleena is his proxy, he is expected to go in after finishing his work. Eijaz's fans were seen trending No Eijaz no BB14 to express their displeasure.

Contestants that have gone back in this season

If Eijaz does go back in the show, he will not be the only contestant in this season to do so. Rahul Vaidya too had quit the show and cited that he wanted to meet his parents and then come back. Nikki Tamboli had been evicted due to fewer votes and come back post the entry of challengers. Aly Goni had left the show in order to save Jasmin and also made a re-entry after the challengers were introduced. Kavita Kaushik was evicted and came back only to walk out of the show after a verbal spat with Rubina. Vikas Gupta too was asked to leave the show by Bigg Boss after he threw Arshi Khan in the pool but he was called back in. Vikas had to later leave the show due to medical reasons but he is expected to join the housemates again soon. 

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