Review: Pajama Party has the pun, punch, and power

Starring Kavita Kaushik, Kamya Punjabi, Shakti Singh, and Deepali Garg in leading role, this play by Atul Satya Koushik, throws light on crime women face in our society, and offers a different take on how we look at it.

Review: Pajama Party has the pun, punch, and power

Cast: Kavita Kaushik, Kamya Panjabi, Shakti Singh, Deepali Garg, Suneel Palwal, Arjun Singh, and Kalyan Chaudhary

Rating: 4/5

Over the last few years, crimes against women have only increased in the country, making it difficult for them to live freely in society today. There have been many campaigns and concepts addressing the same, trying to create awareness and teach people about the much-needed change in the society, that it is not the girls who need to change their way of living (normally, just like anyone), it is the men who need to learn to respect the women and not see them with a difference. Equality and respect is the key to making everyone's lives safe, and sharing the same message with their play, is the team of Pajama Party. 

The stage lits up at Aisha Sharma's (Kavita Kaushik) place, where she along with her 3 other friends, Darsha Gupta (Kamya Punjabi), Kalyani Jain (Shakti Singh) and Urvi Lalwani (Deepali Garg), are planning a pajama party. The girls are having a great time and everything is going well, until something unfortunate happens to one of the girls, forcing girls to take action, thereby seeking revenge. Supporting them in this decision is Ayesha's boyfriend, Abhay (Arjun Singh), who joins hands to strengthen the team.

The plot of the play is simple, yet powerful. While one could question the flaws and liberties taken by the writer/director (Atul Satya Koushik) while sharing the 'legal' side of the crime, the team can be given a benefit of doubt for the same, considering this is work of fiction, intending to share a good message to the society. The play is well balanced on emotions and elements, enough to entertain the audience throughout. Writing is strong and music elevates certain heart-wrenching sequences. But, besides all these positive points, the credits for delivering the play with a punch, go to the talented bunch of actors.

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Kavita Kaushik shines in the play throughout. She is funny, quirky, strong yet vulnerable. Her unique way of delivering dialogues will make you cry and share the joy at the same time. As an actor, she is blessed with spontaneity, which she uses thoroughly, thereby adding value in the play. Shakti Singh's portrayal of the victim will make one emotional. She uses her skills well to make you cry and share her pain. Other two ladies, Kamya Panjabi, and Deepali Garg support the ensemble and keep the play balanced with their roles.

Special mention to the boys - Suneel Palwal and Arjun Singh, for shining in the characters (Raghu Sampat and Abhay), wherever they could. Though these two actors do not have a role throughout the play, they add a new dimension to Pajama Party with their acts. While Suneel's character will make you angry with his deeds, your heart will go out for Arjun's character, for being the sweetest. In fact, he gets to play one of the best characters, for he gets to make the audience smile in the play with a disturbing subject.

To sum it up, this is a well-thought, well-enacted play, sharing a message for every one of us. The team effort shines here, as every individual delivers their part strongly, be it the writer/director or the actors. Pajama Party has the pun, punch, and power.