Illegal Parking will now cost you a ₹10,000 fine in Mumbai

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) decided to impose the fine in order to curb the issue of illegal parking. Accordingly, they will set up a special parking authority to regulate the issue

Illegal Parking will now cost you a ₹10,000 fine in Mumbai

Living in Mumbai, every person has faced the nuisance of vehicles parked at spots not designated for parking. However, soon the issue might fade away as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has announced that if a person parks a vehicle illegally, the defaulter will be charged with a ₹10,000 fine.

The civic body is also planning to set up a special parking authority for the city, as per Development Control and Promotion Regulations 2034, to regulate this issue. 

The decision comes after Bombay High Court asked BMC and Mumbai Police to take stern action against illegally parked vehicles. Accordingly, the civic body prompted the citizens to use its website ( and a toll-free helpline number (1916) to file a complaint against vehicles flouting the parking rules.

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The parking authority will unify all parking enforcement activities and agencies like police, traffic and the BMC under one agency. The authority will look into the parking holistically and also increase the parking pool in the city,” said Praveen Pardeshi, BMC Commissioner.

Currently, no date or timeline has been provided for the establishment of this new authority and the municipal corporation along with traffic police look after the parking regulations in the city.

What happens after you file a complaint?

After you file a complaint with the BMC, the civic body seizes illegally-parked and abandoned vehicles under Section 314 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1884. After which, the concerned owner/s have 48 hours before a vehicle is transported by the BMC to its godown.

A list of seized vehicles is then sent to the local and traffic police and forwarded to the Mumbai Police Crime Branch. Accordingly, the police then verify the list for missing or stolen cars. If nobody claims the vehicle within three months, the BMC auctions the vehicle under Section 490 (3) of the Act.

If the owners contact BMC, they are charged a penalty by the civic body. Civic officials informed that the auction of vehicles will be completed by August 10.