Mumbai Rains: 30 Flights Cancelled and Over 280 Delayed at Mumbai Airport

The cancelled flights were majorly of IndiGo and now the flight operations have resumed.

Mumbai Rains: 30 Flights Cancelled and Over 280 Delayed at Mumbai Airport

Mumbai experienced heavy downpour on Wednesday, September 4 which resulted in traffic snarls. Not only the roads and the railways but the airways were also affected drastically. 30 flights were cancelled and over 280 were delayed at the Mumbai Airport. 

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Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) witnessed cancellations of majorly IndiGo flights. As per a live flight-tracking website, 14 incoming and 16 outbound flights were cancelled on Thursday, September 5. In addition, 118 flights were delayed, including 86 departure. Mumbai International Airport authorities had stated that operations are normal and IndiGo has cancelled its flights, therefore, one should contact that particular airline. 

Notably, passengers created chaos as there was no dinner when they were stranded at the airport. However, on Thursday, September 5 IndiGo issued a statement that the flight operations have resumed. 

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