Bookings For Mumbai-New York Flights Close Temporarily: Air India

The bookings for Mumbai-New York flight on the JFK route have been stopped due to the closure of Pakistan air space.


Air India had launched its Mumbai-New York (JFK route) non-stop 14-hour flight six months ago in December 2018. Flight A1-105/106 which operated on this route was cancelled temporarily on March 10 and was expected to commence again on June 2. However, currently, the bookings are not available till the end of 2019-20 winter schedule.

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This is due to the closure of Pakistan airspace earlier this year. Further, the closure has resulted in the former non-stop flights from India to the US being routed to Omani and Iranian airspace. 

Flights from India and Central Asia have been taking 4 hours longer due to the airspace closure. Amidst all this, Delta has opened bookings on the JFK route with a renovated Boeing 777-200LR. 

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