BEST likely to increase ticket fare

    BEST likely to increase ticket fare
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    As BEST is reeling under financial crisis, BMC has come forward to help the same. At first, they will submit its proposal to BEST and if it gets a nod from BEST committee, only then BMC will be able to help them. As a part of the plan, BMC will raise the ticket rate from Rs. 8 to Rs. 10.

    On Saturday, group leaders called out the meeting where they spoke of giving Rs. 1000 crore to BEST on 0% interest. BMC commissioner Ajoy Mehta shared his views on helping out BEST. He suggested that during peak hours, the number of buses should increase, during noon time, BEST should run less number of buses, they should not increase the bus ticket and many other provisions.

    If BEST agrees on these points, then BMC would be able to help BEST to cope with losses. This help will be provided in three months. “ BEST asked BMC to grant them Rs. 1000 crore. BMC commissioner then asked for the plan from BEST on how the latter would pay off the loan,” said Ravi Raja, Congress leader.

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