Mumbai-Alibaug RoRo service will function during monsoon as well

Mumbai-Alibaug RoRo service will function during monsoon as well

The Ro-Ro ferry service between Alibaug and Mumbai might begin in the coming 15 days. Since the last two years, people have awaited the commencement of the transport service. Meanwhile, as the fare prices for the ferry have been finalised by Maharashtra Maritime Board, the people have stated that the service is a bit pricey.

The 'Protoporos X' Ro-Ro ferry arrived at Mumbai from Greece on February 14. The officials from Maharashtra Maritime Board informed that the paperwork for the ferry was completed by Friday. The officials added that now the ferry will have to be registered as a water transport vehicle and only after a proper check, the Ro-Ro service will be inaugurated.

Accordingly, the officials have said that the Mumbai-Alibaug ferry service will begin by the end of February 2020. It is yet to be decided who will inaugurate the transport service. Currently, the ferry service between the two places remains closed during monsoon but the Ro-Ro ferry service will function during monsoon as well.

The vessel has a capacity of up to 500 passengers and can also carry 180 cars. According to reports, the ticket price for the passengers will be ₹235 whereas the cars will be charged ₹1,000-₹1,500, depending on their size.

Information released by MMB mentions that passengers will be able to choose from general, air-conditioned and luxury classes and the fares for the same were finalised in a meeting held on Monday. Commuters will have to pay ₹220, ₹330 and ₹550 for general, AC and the luxury class respectively. Further, the fares for cars have also been divided into three slabs where one will have to pay ₹1,100, ₹1,500 and ₹1,900 respectively, depending on the size of the vehicles.

According to the reports, the prices will be re-inspected three months after the service begins. If found necessary, the officials will make changes to the fare prices.

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