Female passengers still wait for complete installation of CCTV cameras in ladies compartment

Till now, out of the 1,007 ladies compartment which were planned to be laden with CCTV cameras, project for only 289 compartments has been completed


In order to ensure the safety of female passengers in local trains, Railways had announced that it will introduce various initiatives to provide security to the commuters in Western Railway and Central Railway ladies compartments.

Amongst the programs Railways had announced, they had laid emphasis on installing CCTV cameras in trains along with Talk-Back machines. However, in the last four years, Railways has failed to make any significant difference.

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So far, combining the Western and Central local trains, Railways has only been able to install cameras in 289 ladies compartments out of the total 1,007 compartments. On the other hand, only eight local trains consist of Talk-Back machines.

Meanwhile, Western Railway had installed cameras in 129 compartments out of the total 337 whereas out of 670 compartments, Central Railway had installed CCTV in only 160. Alongside, the rail corporation had planned to put Talk-Back devices in trains which would allow them to talk with the motorman. However, that initiative too seems to have become a lost cause.

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