Central Railway launches 'Smart Sahelee' for women commuters

In order to provide safety to the women commuters, Central Railways has launched the "Smart Sahelee" programme of Railway Protection Force.

Central Railway launches 'Smart Sahelee' for women commuters

On Tuesday, December 22, Shri Sanjeev Mittal, General Manager, Central Railway, launched the online “SMART SAHELEE” programme of Railway Protection Force in Mumbai.

According to a press release, Shri Atul Pathak, Principal Chief Security Commissioner, Central Railway RPF, Shri Shalabh Goyal, Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai Division of Central Railway and other officers were also present on the occasion.

In a bid to provide holistic security net to build confidence among women commuters, Central Railways has decided to cover all 1,774 suburban services on Mumbai Division of Central Railway and to attain the target of zero crime against women. Moreover, this programme also aims to provide a faster redressal mechanism to the grievances of women commuters.


Service Sahelee – Four regular women commuters from each local service register as volunteers, to form Sevice Sahelee.

Sector Sahelee Group – There will be 59 Sector Sahelee Groups to cover all 1,774 local services. Each Sector Sahelee group is to be formed comprising of 31 Service Sahelee, one lady SIPF/ASIPF/HC as Force Mentor, one lady constable as Assistant Force Mentor and one Passenger Mentor (preferably a representative from NGO/Railway Users committee).

Station Sahelee Group– As per reports, 21 major stations have been identified on the Suburban section. Each station will have Station Sahelee group comprising of 15 regular women commuters of that station and 2 RPF station staff.

Train Sahelee Group - Train Sahelee groups are to be formed on all ladies’ special local trains. At present four such Train Sahelee groups have been formed. All these trains to be escorted by three RPF Lady staff.

Response and Monitoring Team at Divisional Level- This team consists of all force mentors, Passenger Mentors, Station Saheli in-charge, Service Sahelee in-charge, RPF inspectors of the division. They shall form a WhatsApp group called Smart-Sahelee-R&M Team.

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