Passengers board mumbai local trains using fake identity cards

Despite strict guidelines and rules, the railway police and staff members recently found passengers using fake IDs as employees of essential services. Officials have caught 25 passengers who violated the rules and action is being taken by the teams.

Passengers board mumbai local trains using fake identity cards

COVID-19 cases in Mumbai are on an exponential rise and keeping the same in mind, the state government recently imposed strict restrictions to ensure people stay at home and support in containing the spread of the virus. Guidelines have been issued for travelling in Mumbai local trains whereby the services, during the lockdown, are now operational only for essential service workers. Commute for other citizens has been prohibited.

However, reports state that despite these strict restrictions, many citizens have tried to travel by local on Friday, and it is being said that some of them used fake identity cards of essential service personnel, while others tried to travel on the Central Railways. To act upon the same, officials caught these passengers red-handed and were investigated by the ticket inspector and the railway police. 

To strengthen the activity, a large contingent of railway police and personnel have been deployed at the stations to allow only essential service personnel to travel on the Central and Western Railways.

This decision was implemented from Thursday, April 22, where only essential and medical personnel, passengers going for medical treatment and the central and state governments employees were allowed to travel on the suburban railway routes. Strict enforcement began on Friday, April 23, 2021, however, most of the stations continued with 2 to 3 entrances each on the east and west sides. Public ticketing services and mobile ticketing services along with ATVM were also shut down so that the passengers do not flout the rules by travelling. 

Railway police, security personnel and ticket inspectors were deployed near the entrance of the station from Friday and passengers were allowed to enter the stations only after seeing their identity cards and tickets were checked.

In a recently taken action, fake identity cards were seized from 25 passengers.

Earlier, in June 2020, essential service personnel were allowed to travel by local. Even some ordinary passengers had forged identity cards claiming to be employed in the essential services. By December 2020, more than 600 passengers were caught traveling with such IDs at various stations on the Central Railway, basis which strict action was taken by the Railways.

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