Here's how you'll end up paying more for your Metro ride

    Here's how you'll end up paying more for your Metro ride
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    People commuting via the Metro were left a little confused on Monday morning when they saw a hike of five rupees in the travel fare. For the last couple of years, the general fare was INR 50-60.

    People weren’t notified about the increase in prices. People were confused when they were charged more but later, an announcement was made.
    The price hike issue has been hanging in the balance. Even though the issue wasn’t resolved, the fare hike was brought into practice.

    This hike isn’t a fare hike but a return ticket price hike, according to Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL).If you want to travel from Versova to Ghatkopar, you’ll have to shell out INR 80.

    Travellers want to purchase a return ticket at one go like the local trains. Currently, people have to buy one ticket for a single journey and another ticket for the return trip.

    MMOPL started the return ticket policy and provided an INR 20 discount. Now, the discount has gone down to INR 15.

    People just expected a prior notification about the changes in pricing.

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