Salary cut for ST employees who went on a strike

The ST corporation had prior removed the employees who had participated in the strike and were on probation. But later, they decided to hire them back with a penalty of a day’s salary.

Salary cut for ST employees who went on a strike

On June 8, the ST employees had participated in a strike demanding an increase in wages and had refused to work till their demands were met. However, in response to the strike, State Transport (ST) Corporation had initially sacked 1,010 employees who were on probation and participated in the strike.

Later, the officials withdrew the decision and in order to avoid any such mishaps in future, decided to deduct the salary of the employees because of their participation in the strike.

The corporation has re-hired the new employees on the basis of “no work, no pay” policy, where they have deducted one day salary of the new recruits who protested. Along with this, the existing employees will face at least an eight-day salary cut. If the employee was part of the strike for a day, then his salary will be cut for nine days whereas salary will be cut for 10 days if the participation was seen for two days.

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The salary of the employees who were absent for one or two days due to the strike will be cut in July. While the salary of the employees absent for more than eight days will be deducted for a day in every month from August.

During the strike, around 19 Shivshahi buses were damaged by the ST employees. As a result, the State Transport wing, which is already in loss bore an additional ₹33 crore loss.

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