Mumbai’s fire brigade department declares monorail as 'unsafe'

The fire officials said that the installed fire retardants are way older than the 3-year-old Monorail

Mumbai’s fire brigade department declares monorail as 'unsafe'

The state government and Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) introduced monorail and claimed that it is well-equipped with the latest technology and will help Mumbaikars in commuting. However, the fire brigade proved the state government false and claimed that the monorail is unsafe to travel.

Monorail had caught fire on November 9 which raised questions about its safety. When the fire brigade officials checked the fire retardant system, they found that it was outdated. The Chief Fire Officer Prabhat Rahangdale asked MMRDA officials to make changes in the fire retardant system of the monorail for a safer and better commute. The fire officials added that the monorail came into service three-years ago but the fire retardant is older than the former, which is why it did not work on November 9.

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These are the few suggestions

- Auto activated extinguishers to be installed in the monorail at possible places
- In case of fire, there should be tools available to cut or break the glass
- In case of fire, there should be a ropeway or advanced technology to rescue stranded passengers

A chief fire officer said that they will train monorail workers on how to act during emergency cases. When Mumbai Live tried speaking to MMRDA’s additional metropolitan commissioner Sanjay Khandare, he was not available for a comment.

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