15 RPF Personnel Will Be Deployed To Manage Crowd During Monsoon

15 RPF personnel will be trained by NDRF and deployed at major stations for crowd management especially during monsoons.


Mumbai experiences cluster of crowd at Foot-Over Bridges, especially during the monsoon and the situation can get worse during 'peak' hours. The Elphinstone Road (Prabhadevi) stampede in September 2017 serves as a prime example of the aftermath of chaos which resulted due to improper crowd management.

Amidst the CSMT bridge collapse, many bridges are being renovated and therefore the entire crowd will get diverted to alternate bridges. Moreover, in some bridges, the roof is going to be removed to prevent crowding as people take refuge under bridge roofs to prevent themselves from getting wet in the rain. 

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All these factors can trigger another mishap in the upcoming monsoon season and therefore, 15 Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel will be trained by The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in crowd management, medical emergency and handling emergency situations. These RPF personnel will be deployed at CSMT, Dadar, Kurla and Kalyan railway station. 

Notably, Maharashtra Security Force (MSF) is all set to deploy more personnel on Western and Central Railways. Railways seem to be monsoon ready as they are even raising the height of the tracks and installing 154 high-power pumps in low lying flood prone locations to prevent flooding. 

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