Now pay to get headphones on 'Tejas Express'

    Now pay to get headphones on 'Tejas Express'
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    If you’re travelling by the state of the art ‘Tejas Express’, don’t forget to carry your own headphones or else be prepared to pay for the in-house pair.

    Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) are willing to provide good quality headphones at a cheaper rate to passengers onboard.

    After many headphones were reported stolen and also the hygiene factor of used headphones being reused was brought up, the officials found this route to be the most convenient.

    A sum of INR 20 will have to be paid to use those headphones on the train.

    Around 70 per cent of the people use their own headphones while travelling but for people who don't have a pair and need some form of entertainment on the train, have an option there.

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