Public Interest plea to be submitted for toll ban

    Public Interest plea to be submitted for toll ban
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    Despite the fact that the practice of paying toll has been completely withdrawn, yet, the MSRDC, contractors and the State Road Development Corporation is still charging it. Moreover, even the government has not reached a concrete decision so as to stop this practice. Hence, looking at such sloppiness of the government, as per Vivek Velankar, the RTI official and Toll Expert, has submitted a plea has been submitted to the high court.

    Although the entire amount of R. 2869 crore had been paid off in the year 2016 itself, and as per the regulation, once the complete amount of toll is paid, the practice should be automatically ceased. However, the government did not seem to pay any heed in this regard. Moreover, it has been decided that the toll for the expressways will be charged till the year 2019, albeit by this time, the return that will be garnered by the toll recovery companies will be as high as 250 to 300 crores.

    Further, the plea submitted in the court demands that the practice of charging toll should immediately be ceased. At the same time, it has been demanded that a separate account must be opened for the contractors so that they can deposit the entire amount that they have earned from the charging of toll. The next hearing in this regard will be done on 24 April.

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