Rail authorities sound alert against suspicious acts

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    Mumbai - The discovery of four gelatin sticks on the tracks on the Diva-Panvel rail routes has shaken up the railway authorities who suspect sabotage behind the repeated similar discoveries.

    The Kurla RPF unit along with its sniffer dogs inspected the railway tracks over the weekend to check for further instances.
    On Saturday, the Kurla RPF with the sniffer dogs inspected the rail tracks to check for any clues about these incidents. The gelatin rods were seen on the tracks and authorities say they can’t take the incidents lightly.
    According to the RPF, it is routine inspection but the incident on the Diva – Kalamboli tracks has made the rail authorities more alert. Initially, these inspections were conducted after a gap of 15 days but after some suspicious acts seen near the tracks, these inspections are now taken up every week.
    The railways are very cautious about the increasing suspected acts of sabotage so an anti-sabotage search has been initiated every week so that an eye can be kept on any kind of suspicious activities.

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