On December 25, 2017, the first AC local train was started on the Western Line from Churchgate to Virar with 12 regular trains being cancelled which included two local trains during peak hours. The AC local train makes 12 trips daily from Churchgate to Virar catering to a relatively small number of passengers. 

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As stated in the Times of India, Western Railways is all set to introduce another AC local train in June. This, in turn, will cancel 12 regular local trains in order to accommodate the new AC local train.

Ravinder Bhakar, Railway's public relations officer said that they want to give more options to the AC train commuters. The idea is to have at least one additional train during the morning and evening rush hours.  Notably, with a huge difference between the prices of the regular train journey and AC train journey, it will only cater to a limited number of passengers in Mumbai. While the price for a single journey from Churchgate to Virar is ₹20 in a regular local train, it is a whooping ₹205 for the AC local train. 

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