Ananya Panday’s ‘So Positive’ creates a big impact

The initiative is playing the role of a catalyst. Ananya Panday and this movement are making waves amongst the fans and social audience.

Ananya Panday’s ‘So Positive’ creates a big impact

With her relentless efforts to spread positivity and eradicate social media bullying, Ananya Panday and her initiative are making waves everywhere. Now, the initiative acting as a catalyst has brought trolls and bullies on the radar where Instagram has introduced new features. 

Along with the anti-bullying feature which was earlier introduced, the recent feature enables the user to delete troll comments in bulk, to keep the platform positive for the users. This introduction takes the global cause closer to its goal of a ‘So Positive’ community and Swachh social media. 

Welcoming the step, Ananya also shared the development on her handle and wrote, “Glad to see Instagram’s new features. This definitely helps us take a step closer to our goal of a So Positive online community”. 

Taking to their social media, So Positive shared how to manually carry the process, “Learn how to delete, block & restrict: Instagram's new features, strengthens our sustained campaign against cyberbullying. Learn more about it as it helps to attain our goal in creating a #SwachhSocialMedia."

In another post, bringing a guide, the handle posted, “Instagram’s new feature reinforces our fight against cyberbullying. Watch to learn all about it and promote a #SwachhSocialMedia.”

Instagram announced the anti-bullying features earlier and now, the combatting trolls feature, it comes as a big step and if at all Ananya Panday and her initiatives have been the part of the driving force for an organization like Instagram, then this is massive. This is exactly the thought which the actress had when she was planning to take up and support the cause.

The initiative taken by Ananya Panday aims at creating and spreading awareness about social media bullying. The initiative's prime focus is to make people aware of the fact that this issue exists and stays very prevalent in society. Also, the steps that can be taken by the recipients of this destructive criticism in order to deal with this.

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