Mumbai Police seize actor Ranvir Shorey's car as he drives his household help for his wife's delivery

Actor Ranvir Shorey took to Twitter to express the disappointment and said that the officers were not ready to listen to him. He wrote, "Officer in charge says a child being delivered is not an emergency."

Mumbai Police seize actor Ranvir Shorey's car as he drives his household help for his wife's delivery

It is true that Mumbai Police, across the city, have been keeping a check on people who leave homes for unnecessary reasons, during the coronavirus lockdown. While people in the city have been asked to stay at home to ensure safety and social distancing, one can take liberty to help someone when needed. 

Bollywood actor, Ranvir Shorey, did the same. However, when he was assisting his household help for his wife's delivery, police officers did not give him permission, and impounded his car, stating that 'child delivery was not an emergency.' The actor took to social media to share the same, and further wrote, "Even as other officers have understood the situation and are sympathetic, the OIC, Vijay K Kadam at Jogeshwari highway police chowki decided to file an FIR and impound my car. This is plain harassment, @MumbaiPolice."

The city of Mumbai has witnessed an exponential increase in coronavirus cases, and amidst the lockdown, officials have been asked to maintain strict norms, by not allowing people to roam around the city or nearby areas, unless absolutely important.

Taking to Twitter, Ranvir sought Mumbai Police's advice and help during the medical emergency. He said that an FIR was being registered against his driver, and questioned the procedure, as "Police Inspector Vijay Kumar Kadam was also talking to the press" about the incident. 

He expressed his disappointment and claims to have waited for more than 3 hours, but found no solution to his complaints. Whilst waiting at the police station, he tweeted, "On the brighter side, thanks for getting me out of the house. It’s been a while."

Mumbai Police have responded to the tweet, at 5:19 PM, and have asked him for more details.

Observing this and reading about Ranvir's plight, several other celebrities and Twitterati expressed their disappointment regarding the way police handled the matter. In one of the replies, Ranvir wrote, "He said the wife and doctor could have handled it. I told him the hospital was refusing paperwork without the father. He’s not listening. Exasperating."

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