And financial capital stumbled

And financial capital stumbled

Mumbai- As PM announced the ban on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, it created chaos in the public. This happened on 8th November following to which many people thronged the ATM. On 9th November people went haywire as banks were kept closed and ATM’s were not working. However, there was a respite when RBI announced that on 10th and 11th November banks will start accepting cash and ATM will also start functioning. However, this led to many problems in the financial capital. In Lower Parel, people who were standing in queue outside the Dena bank got in to fight. Many were standing outside the Yes bank ATM-which was kept open-got closed down in no time as cash got over. Deposit forms also got over in few banks of Worli. Amongst all this,few appreciated the Narendra Modi’s move while few got infuriated.

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