COVID-19 norms to follow in your workplace

Amidst the second wave of the coronavirus, the Maharashtra government has specified rules in view of the pandemic to contain the spread of the disease in workplaces.

COVID-19 norms to follow in your workplace

The Maharashtra government has imposed a number of restrictions to prevent the second wave of coronavirus due to which all private offices have been closed.

However, it has stated that private offices will remain closed except for co-operative banks, public sector banks and private banks, BSE and NSE, power supply companies, telecom service suppliers, airlines, medical companies, pharmaceutical companies for production and distribution management.

Furthermore, the rules that are to be followed in workplaces in view of the pandemic are:

- If an employee is found positive, he should be given medical leave. He cannot be fired for being absent. The concerned employee will have to be given sick leave. It is also mandatory to pay him a full salary in the meantime.

- If an employee is infected with the coronavirus, the unit should be shut down until it is completely sanitized.

- All employees who come in contact with COVID-19 positive patients should be quarantined.

-  Body temperature of any worker should be checked before entering the factory and manufacturing unit.

-  All employees should be vaccinated as per government norms.

- Factories with more than 500 employees should set up their own quarantine facility.

- Divide the time between lunch breaks, so that there will be no crowds.

- The Government of Maharashtra has clarified in a well-known letter that if an employee or worker in a factory or establishment is infected with the coronavirus, he cannot file a case against the employer concerned.

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