Ajoy Mehta calls for greater transparency in the BMC

    Ajoy Mehta calls for greater transparency in the BMC
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    The BMC commissioner presented the budget to the chairman of the standing committee. This budget looks realistic and has laid stress on transparency and austerity. The Mayor in a letter earlier had made similar recommendations to the BMC commissioner.

    Ajoy Mehta said that this is a realistic and people friendly budget. He added that even the common man will be able to understand the provision. This is the reason why the budget this year is lesser by almost 12,000 Cr than last year.

    The major stress was on maximising the efficiency of BMC offices, better implementation of infra projects with people centric policies. Ajoy Mehta also mentioned that there will a constant watch on unnecessary expenditure and inefficiency.

    Reactions of politicians: Chairman of the standing committe Ramesh Korgaonkar said that this was what the Shiv Sena had promised to the people in the elections. Most of the proposed allocations are as per its manifesto. Also, there has been no additional tax on the people of Mumbai.

    BJP leader Manoj Kotak said that this budget was a reflection of their constant push for transparency in the working of the BMC. He added that it was due to the pressure of the BJP that the inflated BMC budgets have got realistic.

    Congress leader Raviraja criticised the budget saying that it was just a copy paste of the manifestos of the Shiv Sena and the BJP. He said that this was a case of deception and the people of Mumbai are being fooled.

    Samajawadi Party leader Rais Khan termed this budget as one of the most disappointing budgets in the history of the BMC. He alleged that it was the same BJP-Sena combination which used to inflate the budget and now both the parties are trying to earn brownie points in the name of transpency.

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