BMC to build seven new sewage treatment plants

The municipal corporation is trying to recycle and re-use the sewage water. Therefore, in order to achieve it, BMC will be constructing seven new sewage treatment plants

BMC to build seven new sewage treatment plants

In an attempt to recycle and re-use the sewage water, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has been putting efforts since the last few years. However, in order to quicken the process, the civic body has decided to build seven new sewage treatment plants. Out of the seven sewage treatment  plants, the treatment facilities at Ghatkopar and Versova will be taken care of by Tata Consulting Engineers Limited company.

The municipal corporation will be paying ₹55 crore to the company for looking over the construction of the treatment plants at Versova and Ghatkopar.

The Pollution Control Board (PCB) has been working towards scrutinising the laws to curb pollution in the city. Accordingly, after constant changes in the regulations regarding the disposal of sewage water by the PCB, the municipal corporation in 2002 decided to launch an initiative to upgrade the sewage disposal.

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After which, BMC decided to conduct a detailed study of the project and has now issued tender for the sewage treatment projects in Worli, Bandra, Dharavi, Versova, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Malad and has invited bids for the same. Currently, the sewage water at Ghatkopar and Versova is being released into creeks.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure that the construction of the project is conducted smoothly, BMC has decided to appoint an advisor who will look over the technical aspects of the project. Therefore, BMC has issued tenders for the same.

Similarly, BMC has appointed the Tata Consulting Engineers Limited to look over the project at Versova and Ghatkopar.