Water rates increase by 51 paise in Mumbai

BMC has announced a hike due to the increase in expenditure of Municipality Department

Water rates increase by 51 paise in Mumbai

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday increased the water price  by 14 paise excluding taxes. However, with water tax, sewage and other taxes, the increase will be by 51 paise. 

Every consumer will receive an extra bill of 51 paise per thousand litres. This move was approved by the standing committee and come into effect from June 16. 

Considering the increase in the expenses of the water department, administrative and power expenditure, the BMC had decided to increase the water price by 8 per cent every year. The same was approved on May 9, 2012.

According to the new tax, the water charges in slums will increase from ₹3.68 to ₹3.82 per thousand litres. While the residents living in societies would pay ₹5.09 from ₹4.91 per thousand litres. 

The Water Price Hike

For domestic customers: ₹3.82 to ₹5.09

For non-business institution: ₹20.40

For Business Institution: ₹38.25

For Professional Institution - Industrial: ₹50.99

For Racecourse & Five Star Hotel: ₹76.49

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