Bombay HC grants BMC an extension to dump waste at Deonar landfill

The Bombay HC said that this was the last time it will grant an extension to BMC for dumping solid waste at Deonar dumping ground

Bombay HC grants BMC an extension to dump waste at Deonar landfill

After directing the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to shut down the dumping grounds at Mulund and Deonar in Mumbai, Bombay High Court on Tuesday allowed the civic body to continue disposing waste at Deonar landfill till December 31. 

Earlier in February 2016, the Bombay High Court had ordered the civic body to shut the dumping grounds following the rising fire incidents between January 2015 and March 2016. The HC informed that the dumping grounds situated in Mumbai suburbs have reached their saturation points. 

As per the statistics, almost 3,000 metric tonne of waste material is disposed at Deonar landfill site on a daily basis. The site is spread over 132-hectares. BMC told the court that it couldn’t find any alternative site to dump the city’s waste and it seeks an extension to dispose the same.

While hearing the petition, Justices AS Oka and MS Sanklecha agreed to BMC’s request saying that it would be the last time that the extension for dumping solid waste is being provided. The division bench also observed that plenty of time has already been granted to the civic body to find an alternative for the same. 

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Given that the Mulund dumping ground has already been shut, the BMC informed that it has been trying to carry out a waste-to-energy plant at the site in order to create 10 mega-watts energy by processing 600 tonnes waste.

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