Charity Commissioner to set up a committee after a scuffle was reported between cop-volunteers at Lalbaughcha Raja

The inquiry set up by the commissioner will focus on crowd management, untoward incidents, and whether overcrowding was caused by mandal volunteers


Every year, volunteers at Lalbaugcha Raja have been behaving rudely with devotees and have manhandled the crowd. This year, volunteers went one step ahead and argued with police, including a senior rank official. Post this incident, the charity commissioner took suo motu cognizance and inspected the pandal himself.

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Considering the growing number of complaints against the volunteers, the charity commissioner has decided to form a committee that will look into handling the crowd. Along with this, the amount of cash and jewellery which is donated by the devotees will be counted in front of the representatives of Charity Commissioner.

What is the story?

A clash broke out between Mumbai police and volunteers at Lalbaugcha Raja where some devotees were moving in the opposite direction of the queue, thereby creating disruption for others coming in for darshan. Police officers, including Abhinash Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 3 asked the mandal volunteers to resolve the issue. However, despite the warning, the volunteers failed to comply. Later, the volunteers rushed to the barricade and began to argue with the police. Soon, a scuffle broke out between Kumar and the volunteers.

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