Contractors snub nullah cleaning

    Contractors snub nullah cleaning
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    The contractors have not shown any particular interest in the cleaning of small nullahs in G / North and F / North division. BMC had also issued tenders for six times, but no contractor showed any particular interest in it. After this, the decision has been taken by NGOs to work on cleaning of nullahs in areas such as BMC Dharavi, Mahim, Matunga, Antop Hill. However, members of the Standing Committee strongly oppose the cleanliness of nullahs by NGOs.

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    In the BMC, Leader of the Opposition Ravi Raja said that the BMC can’t digest the very fact that not a single contractor jumped for the tender. Meanwhile, the chief engineer, Water Department and Director of the Department Laxman Vatkar say that the department had applied for cleaning of 7 to 8 nullahs in this department. In which no contractor has sent any application.

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    In the BMC, SP group leader Rais Sheikh accused the BMC of giving false information. While BJP's Abhijit Samant said that the application should be issued from October for the next time. Till April 29, 2017, 35% of the nullah cleaning work has been completed in comparison to last year where only 7.59% was done.

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