Dengue will Lead Mumbaikars to jail

Dengue will Lead Mumbaikars to jail

Mumbai - Mumbai city is reeling under increasing dengue cases. BMC is doing their best to eradicate this disease by creating awareness as well as taking stern action. Even then, BMC is not able to control it. In the last 8 months, BMC has sent notices to 13,500 residents as dengue worms were found at their residences. Despite sending notices to 13,500 homes, 950 homes did not act on it. Still, people are unaware of the side effects of dengue.
In two weeks of September, 122 dengue patients and 2 deaths have been reporterd. Even Actor Vidya Balan was not spared from it. "We will intensify our action if dengue worms are not destroyed. Till now, we were letting people go with a warning but now we will go legal way" said BMC's Medical officer Dr. Padmaja Kesarkar.