Mumbai Live Impact: FDA starts taking action on the sale of contaminated ice in the city

Mumbai Live Impact: FDA starts taking action on the sale of contaminated ice in the city

On one side where hundreds of thousands of contaminated ice has been found in Thane, on the other hand, the FDA was unable to track any case of the same. But for the past three days, the BMC seems to be more than geared up for its drive against the ice containing the e-coli virus. The BMC has up till now destroyed a good thousand kilos of ice from many ice companies and cold drink vendors.

Moreover, it is the news of Mumbai Live that has rung a bell in the minds of the FDA officials, hence invoking them to run a drive against the alleged selling of contaminated ice. FDA joint commissioner Chandrashekhar Salunkhe said that on Monday, 898 lots of contaminated ice was seized.

Aside of this, BMC's health department after its investigation, inferred onto the fact that the consumption of stored contaminated ice causes gastro-diseases. Albeit, the FDA may have been negligent in this matter, BMC has still destroyed about 13 thousand contaminated ice in its operation in M / East. Salunkhe stated that the BMC has destroyed 898 kg of contaminated ice was destroyed in the other areas of Mumbai, while in Thane, 6600 kg of ice was destroyed in one day.

TMC and Thane FDA had once destroyed one thousand kilo ice in one day alone. But the approach of FDA is such that it is nowhere close to the figure of thousand even. Every day, the city gets thousands of tonnes of ice. Out of this, hundreds of tonnes of contaminated ice is brought into use, out of which the FDA destroyed only 898 tonnes. RTI activist R.P. Y Rao, on the other hand, said that the FDA is outright negligent in this matter. Rao said that BMC and FDA should learn something from Thane FDA and TMC.

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