Here Are Top 5 Expected And Unexpected Things That Disappointed Mumbaikars

From the unexpected Aarey protests to incessant rains and potholes, here are top 5 things that disappointed Mumbaikars

Here Are Top 5 Expected And Unexpected Things That Disappointed Mumbaikars

As the year 2019 is coming to an end, there are many memories that Mumbaikars would cherish, however, we look back at expected and unexpected things that disappointed Mumbaikars.  

1. Aarey

Though the activists were fighting for declaring Aarey as a forest for the last four years, the issue was highlighted only in the year 2019 with the maximum number of protests conducted for the Aarey issue. Helmed by activists Zoru Bathena and founder of Vanashakti Stalin Dayanand, the Aarey issue witnessed Mumbaikars coming together and grieving on the trees that were cut for the Metro 3 (Colaba-Bandra-Seepz) car shed. 


2. Incessant rains

Though incessant rains are a cause for disappointment every year, in 2019, Mumbaikars faced a flood-like situation for several days. Moreover, to make things worse, there were unseasonal rains as well which destroyed several crops in the fields which in turn was the prime reason for inflation. In Mumbai, delay of trains and incessant rains are an inevitable part of each other which drastically affects the commuters. 

3. Potholes

Even after Mumbai's mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar claimed that Mumbai doesn't have any potholes, Mumbaikars begged to differ. Even though the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation started the pothole challenge wherein if a person reported a pothole and if it wasn't fixed within 24 hours then the person will win ₹500 per pothole. This too turned out to be a failure as the Mumbai's pothole is still prevalent and refuses to go any time soon. Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had suggested a solution of concretising all roads in Mumbai in a bid to solve the problem. 

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4. Increase in crimes

Mumbai records the least number of crimes as compared to other metropolitan cities in the country. However, 2019 had been disappointing with one of the most heinous and unbelievable crimes being reported in the city. From killing an infant due to an influence of superstitions to raping men, Mumbai has witnessed it all this year. 

5. Train delays 

Train delays are again another expected problem in Mumbai along with potholes and incessant rains. However, 2019 witnessed majority of it in the Central Line. The main cause for train delays was incessant rains. 

2019 has indeed filled Mumbaikars with bittersweet memories but has definitely given a lot to look forward to. 

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